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hydraulic lifts

Toe jacks for lifting heavy loads

Load capacities from 5 up to 30 tons, with and without built-in pump
Load capacities from 5 up to 30 tons, with and without built-in pump Nuova Tecnica hydraulic lifters are designed for lifting and transporting heavy and bulky loads, industrial machinery and forklifts during all company operations: loading, unloading, production, installation, assembly and maintenance.

Even in cases where the available thickness is small, our hydraulic lifters are ideal for lifting machinery from 5 to 30 tons with ease, as the nail is only 20 mm high.

All the models we offer are easy to transport, sturdy, safe and designed to last a long time. Their structure, compact and reduced in height, also makes them optimal in all those situations where loads are difficult to access or if there is a need for a higher capacity. For any special requirements, we will be able to advise you on the best solution.
sollevatori idraulici gks, martinetti per sollevamento

GKS-Perfekt toe jacks

GKS-Perfekt hydraulic lifts are ideal for transporting heavy loads, inside and outside your business. Reliable and durable, they offer total safety, easy maintenance and optimal performance, even if the load is placed in a difficult to access location.
sollevatori nts
prodotti sollevamento nts, prodotti movimentazione nts

NTS toe jacks

Nuova Tecnica's NTS hydraulic lifters are ideal for lifting loads, especially in the installation and maintenance phases of industrial machinery, and prove highly effective even in the presence of casings or fairings that make access complicated.
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