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Transport trolleys F/L/TL

Handling machinery and heavy loads up to 120 tonnes
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Load-carrying on ladders?

No worries, the extra-light electric trolleys save your back from weights and save time and effort.
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Electric pusher EASY MOVER

Helps solve all problems associated with moving heavy goods indoors and outdoors.
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Handling loads and transport on ladders

Nuova Tecnica Trasporti Su Scale has over 40 years' experience in providing practical, reliable and durable solutions for moving heavy and bulky loads or machinery. Depending on your needs, you'll find hydraulic lifts, transport, swivel and motorized trolleys, electric pushers, coil pushers, industrial wheels, hand trucks and lifting cushions.

One of our flagships are the stair-lift trolleys, which help to quickly and effortlessly transport cases of beverages, fixtures, oxygen cylinders, and large appliances, stoves, fireplaces, copiers, and dispensers.

Each transport device has several features: lift loads, move them, move them 360 degrees, even in the case of:
  • rigid structures (e.g., for construction, concrete or steel structures)

  • industrial facilities

  • very narrow maneuvering spaces

  • delicate loads and equipment

  • cylindrical or round objects such as cables and reels (automotive, aircraft, paper, railroad sectors).

In all circumstances, our products ensure maximum safety for goods and operators, without leaving marks on the pavement. With Nuova Tecnica you will achieve maximum efficiency and productivity without fatigue!


Get into a new dimension of transport

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Years of business

Our services

We are your reliable partner for transportation, lifting and handling solutions. We offer a wide range of services and products designed to simplify ladder transportation, making every step of the way safer and more efficient.

Project and production

From the design and manufacture of customized stairlifts and platform lifts to installation and maintenance, we are committed to providing high-quality solutions that meet our customers' specific needs.

Professional service and innovative solutions

With years of experience in the industry, we are here to overcome challenges and facilitate mobility on any scale. Choose New Technical Stairway Transportation for professional service and innovative solutions.

Technical Assistance

Service on the products we commercialize; we give you the right solution to ensure proper operation: original spare parts retrieval and assembly.

What distinguishes our services and
handling products

ISO 9001 Certification

Nuova Tecnica srl is an ISO 9001 certified company. Our mission is to minimize fatigue and maximize efficiency and productivity.

Customer service

Quick and effective responses. Our highly qualified team is dedicated to ensuring efficient and customer-oriented technical support for the success and continuity of business operations.

Fast, safe and efficient transportation

We guarantee timely delivery in any situation. Your order arrives at its destination in the shortest possible time, ensuring a reliable and tailored delivery service.


High load capacity wheels, types and models

When it comes to high load capacity wheels, i.e. used in contexts where the handling of very heavy machinery and industrial equipment up to 8 tonnes per wheel is required, it is necessary to rely on safe and guaranteed load handling systems.

High-pressure lifting cushions: usage

When machinery, bulky equipment or the transport and handling of goods is one of the main activities of a business, even small spaces and inches make a difference in working at your best and increasing productivity and allowing you to make a difference!

Electric pusher: improving operators' work

When there is heavy and bulky machinery to be moved on the farm, it is necessary to act with the utmost care. An electric puller eliminates the use of a forklift and overhead crane to move weights on flat surfaces. This means that a single employee is autonomous in moving heavy and bulky loads, which can reach up to 30 tons.

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Our aim is to minimise fatigue and maximise efficiency and productivity.
Nuova Tecnica is ISO 9001 certified.
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