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lifting cushions flat model

Lifting bags Flat model

Flat, light and easy to handle reinforced with Kevlar fabric

When inflated, flat lifting bags develop a perfectly flat surface on both sides for maximum stability and safety when lifting; used for lifting the heaviest loads, they exert maximum force in a concentrated area, making them ideal when lifting rigid structures in confined spaces.

Their unique design also allows them to be used when moving loads, recovering heavy trucks or aircraft, and in a variety of moving situations.
lifting cushions flat model
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Technical description lifting bags FLAT model

The standard lifting bags can be used individually or together. They are supplied with a pressure of up to 8 bar. The air supply can be provided by compressed air from the brake or via a commercially available compressor. By using locking tubes, individual cushions can be disengaged under load.
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Load capacity
da 21,1 a 64 t
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Max. inflated lift
17 cm
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Own weight:
da 7,3 a 20,6 kg
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25 mm

Flat Lifting bags video operation

The cushions operate at a maximum pressure of 8 bar

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