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GKS-Perfekt manual hydraulic pumps

GKS-Perfekt hand hydraulic pumps are high-quality devices designed to provide an efficient and reliable solution for a variety of hydraulic applications. These pumps are essential tools in sectors such as industrial maintenance, construction, offshore, and many others.
pompa idraulica, pompa idraulica manuale
prodotti per il sollevamento gks perfekt

PV manual hydraulic pump

Safe working from a safe distance.
pompa idraulica manuale, pompa idraulica manuale per sollevatore
prodotti per il sollevamento gks perfekt

PV-K hand hydraulic pump

Safe working from a safe distance.

The strengths of GKS-Perfekt hand pumps

Ergonomic hand lever

Comfortable handle for easy transport

Two-stage design with safety valve

Reservoir with all-metal construction

manual hydraulic pumps,gks-perfekt manual hydraulic pumps
manual hydraulic pumps,manual hydraulic pumps for lifter

Compact, robust, durable.

GKS-Perfekt hand hydraulic pumps are compact, robust devices designed to generate hydraulic pressure through the application of manual force. Made from high-quality materials, they are wear-resistant and designed for durability.

They are extremely versatile and can be used to operate hydraulic lifts, lift heavy loads, perform pressure tests and much more.


Portable and efficient

GKS-Perfekt hand hydraulic pumps are portable and, as they do not require electrical or pneumatic power, are ideal for applications in remote environments or situations where access to a power source may be limited. They are also remarkably efficient as they can generate considerable hydraulic force with little human effort.

Precision and safety

GKS-Perfekt hand hydraulic pumps allow precise pressure control, which is essential in many applications. The ability to fine-tune the hydraulic force generated makes them ideal for situations where it is essential to avoid overloading or to apply a specific force in a controlled manner.

All hydraulic operations can be performed in a controlled and safe manner.
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