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90° Steerable Dollies

90° Steerable dollies

Roller conveyors and trolleys up to 120 tons

Nuova Tecnica's roller conveyors and 90° steerable dollies are the ideal means of safely moving heavy and bulky goods within your company. They can lift and move heavy objects of up to 200 tonnes.

Our devices are designed specifically for transporting heavy loads within distribution centres, industrial plants and warehouses, with a double advantage: reducing the strain on operators and at the same time speeding up company operations.

We have several models available to meet the most diverse requirements:
  • 90 degree steering on 3 points
  • 360-degree swivelling
  • tandems for loads that do not allow only 3-point hitching for special goods
  • trolleys for moving containers;
  • nickel-plated models for use in clean rooms
Each trolley is capable of operating on uneven floors, protecting both goods and soil from damage. In addition, to facilitate loading, the roller tracks do not exceed 180 mm.
If you have any questions or queries, we at Nuova Tecnica will be able to guide you in choosing the most suitable steerable dollies for your needs and for the best transport of heavy loads.
GKS-Perfekt transport trolleys

90° Steerable Dollies GKS-Perfekt Series

Our GKS 90° steerable dollies for safe in-house transport of heavy loads. F- and L-Series - the formula for safe and easy transport, F-Series - flexibility on wheels for heavy loads, L-Series - to drive heavy loads safely, robust welded construction without deformation.
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90° Steerable Dollies Nuova Tecnica NTS Series

The NTS 90° steerable dollies allow the safe transport of heavy loads within company environments. They can be supplied on three support points, with a steered drawbar and a pair of fixed rollers joined by a bar at the rear. The manoeuvring steering in this case is approximately 90°.
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