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Industrial Caster & Wheels

Industrial wheels for load handling solutions

Wheels that get the job done
Industrial castors are a type of castor designed for handling heavy loads up to 8 tonnes in a simple, fast and safe manner.

Manufactured using innovative, high-quality materials, they are characterised by an extreme smoothness that reduces friction and facilitates the transport of even the bulkiest loads, which can then be moved easily and safely.

Depending on the purpose of use, we have 3 categories of industrial castors available:
  • levelling wheels can be raised or lowered as required.
  • shock-absorbing wheels, swivelling or rigid, on the other hand, are useful for transporting fragile materials without causing damage, thanks to the possibility of keeping the load at the same level, even if the floor is uneven.
  • finally, the high-capacity, fixed or swivel castors with brakes are ideal for moving extremely heavy structures, thanks to their particularly robust and resistant carbon and steel frame.
levelling wheels,levelling wheel
foot master ruote industriali, foot master caster, foot master wheels

Levelling wheels

A safe and quick solution for moving equipment, heavy machinery and workstations.
heavy duty casters
foot master ruote industriali, foot master caster, foot master wheels

Heavy duty casters

Used in contexts where the handling of very heavy machinery and industrial equipment is required, even 8 tonnes per individual wheel.
shock absorbing casters
foot master ruote industriali, foot master caster, foot master wheels

Shock absorbing casters

Made of high-strength stainless steel, the wheel moves and levels loads easily and safely even in the tightest spaces.

Why choose Foot Master Industrial Caster & Wheels?

Foot Master Industrial Caster and Wheels are the smart solution for easy moving and precise levelling.


An engineering answer to a strategic question of balance between form and function.


Precision engineering with advanced technology reflecting superb craftsmanship.


The elimination of a problem to achieve successful and satisfying results.
industrial wheels, foot master industrial wheels, heavy duty castors

Industrial casters and wheels: innovation and strength up to 8,000 kg!

Industrial castors are an extraordinary development resulting from the use of innovative materials of the highest quality. The result is an exceptional range of wheels: levelling wheels, shock-absorbing wheels and the new heavy duty casters with an astonishing weight resistance: up to 8,000 kg!

A performance that allows easier and faster handling of loads, with maximum reliability and safety.

Features of Industrial Caster & Wheels

Smooth-running and safe wheels on any surface

Foot Master industrial wheels are built for the best sliding on all types of flooring such as asphalt, concrete and stoneware.

These industrial wheels maintain their grip even when in contact with various oils and greases and chemical products such as acids and salt solutions, making them the ideal solution when moving machinery or heavy industrial equipment in mechanical and metallurgical working environments.

Multifunctional: levelling, high capacity, cushioned

Companies and all businesses that have to move heavy machinery from one part of the hall to another on a daily basis need to keep their employees safe while moving the machinery and, at the same time, be sure that their equipment works properly, even after it has been moved.

You can choose the type of wheel to suit your needs!
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