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Electric powered dollies

Electric powered dollies remote-controlled

For heavy loads up to 40 tonnes

Electric powered dollies with remote-controlled motorised load handling systems are recommended in all those cases where, for safety reasons, it is necessary for the operator to remain at a safe distance from the load to be moved.

In these circumstances, we at Nuova Tecnica recommend that you choose one of our radio-controlled tow trucks. They are specially designed to transport weights of up to 40 tonnes and are used especially for assembly lines, internal logistics and handling operations or machine installation.

We have three models of remote-controlled motorised robots available, all specialised in load transport: Robot 10, Robot 20 and Robot 40, which support heavy loads of up to 10, 20 and 40 tonnes respectively.

Our robots guarantee the easiest and safest load transport thanks to a 3-point support system (one in the front motorised tiller and two in the rear transport trolley). The controls allow both driving and steering at the same time, ensuring maximum convenience and efficiency.
spintore elettrico per movimentazione carichi pesanti

Electric powered dollies Robot 10

La massima sicurezza e facilità di trasporto sono garantite dal collaudato sistema di trasporto a 3 punti d’appoggio.
spingitore di carichi pesanti

Electric powered dollies Robot 20

Sistemi di trasporto usati per la logistica interna, le linee di assemblaggio, la movimentazione e l’installazione di macchinari.
spingitore di carichi su rotelle

Electric powered dollies Robot 40

Pesi fino a 40 t possono essere movimentati autonomamente, guidare e anche di sterzare contemporaneamente, anche sul posto e sotto carico.

Why choose GKS-Perfekt electric powered dollies?

We can build these automatic driving systems according to your requirements, including platforms, devices suitable for clean rooms, etc. We solve any transport problem ... even yours. Put us to the test!


Two 10Ah batteries each with Lithium-Polymer technology (no memory effect) are supplied with the pusher

Fast enough

Variable speed of 0-20 m/min forwards and backwards, sliding forwards and backwards, emergency stop button.

Battery life

Battery life (fully charged) approx. one and a half hours under normal working conditions.
motorised transport systems,motorised transport systems up to 40 ton

Details of electric powered dollies ROBOT operation

The drive energy comes from a 24V lithium-ion battery and is transmitted to the two motors via a programmable motor control. Torque is transmitted to the drive rollers via gears and transmission stages. The radio control sends the operator signals to the motor control via a CAN bus and the current operating status is shown on the transmitter display.

The overall system consists of a guided and swivelling L-ROBOT and an unguided rigid F-ROBOT. Thus a proven 3-point requirement. The system operates with two programmed driving speeds.

Applications of electric powered dollies

12-metre container weighing 37 tonnes

Particle accelerator magnet heavy 9 ton

Die-casting tool on platform with lifting device

Hydraulic failure of the Windhoff conveyor carriage

Particle accelerator magnet

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